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2018 Georgette's Holiday Fashion Show

Benefiting St. Joseph's Women's Hospital - Breast Ultrasound. Any woman who has had a mammogram and received a call back for an ultrasound knows how stressful that call can be. Whether it is as a result of a self-exam or a follow up to an abnormal finding on a mammogram, many women have walked through the doors of the Shimberg Breast Center at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital looking for answers. With 2,400 breast ultrasounds completed in 2017, it is necessary to have the most up-to-date diagnostic tools available. A breast ultrasound uses penetrating sound waves, which do not affect or damage the tissue, to make images of the breast. Clinicians use these scans to tell the difference between fluid-filled cysts (which are very unlikely to be cancer) and solid masses (which might need further testing). Proceeds from the Fashion Show will help us to purchase the newest model of ultrasound which offers greater image detail and resolution, thereby providing our breast radiologists with the highest quality images, and continually improving the quality of service and care we provide women facing a possible cancer diagnosis.


  1. Registration/Silent Auction
  2. Seating
  3. Fashion Show/Lunch to follow